Couples Therapy OnlineAre you looking into Couples Therapy Online because your relationship seems to be falling apart and you don’t what to do? Are you just way to busy or too broke for traditional counseling? Are you just not into sitting in a small room and discussing your issues with some complete stranger?

Let’s make a couple comparisons to help you figure out which solution is right you:

Couples Therapy Online vs Traditional Couples Counseling – Convenience & Scheduling

Traditional Couples Counseling – convenience and scheduling can really prove to be problem sometimes. You need to try to schedule your appointments around your busy lifestyle, your spouse’s busy lifestyle and the counselor’s busy schedule. As well anyone with kids understands what a daunting task it can be to find a babysitter at times.

Once you finally manage to bring everything together you need to spend the time in traffic to make it to your appointment.

Couples Therapy Online – convenience and scheduling can work in your favour. With the right online system you can work around your busy schedule and there is no need to find a babysitter because you are in the comfort of your own home.

Couples Therapy Online vs Traditional Couples Counseling – Affordability

Traditional Couples Counseling – prices can range from $90 to $200+ for a 45 minute to an hour session. And how many of these session are you going to need to go through before you make headway in your relationship? It usually takes at least 12 sessions in a 3 month period.

Couple Therapy Online – prices can range from $100 to $500+.  With the right online system this can cover many weeks of counseling plus many more tools to help you renew your marriage.

Couples Therapy Online vs Traditional Couples Counseling – Quality Care

Traditional Couples Counseling – quality care could be the one thing that may be a benefit to traditional couple counseling. You tend to build a more personal bond with someone you can be in the presence of.

Couples Therapy Online – quality care is a touchy subject in online couples therapy, like I mentioned it is not always easy to be able to really connect with this method. But again with the right program this should not be an issue.

Couples Therapy Online vs Traditional Couples Counseling – Overall Thoughts

I believe that Couples Therapy Online can work, in fact it worked me just five years ago when my wife told me she does not love me anymore and wanted a divorce. You just need to find the right solution for you.

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