I Want A DivorceAre you at that point in your relationship where your thinking I want a divorce but you’re wondering, how do you know when it’s time to file for divorce?

If divorcing is a consideration for you from a moral perspective, then before you go that route, try first for at least one year.

That’s right, you read that correctly.

Try for at least one year!

I Want A Divorce – Why Would I Want To Give It A Year?

I mean REALLY try, besides after the year you can still say I want a divorce and get out. Just remember one thing, once you pull that trigger, it’s over. Here are a few reasons why you should try giving it a year.

  • Your life as you know it will never be the same.
  • If you have kids, their lives will never be the same.
  • You don’t want any doubt in your mind you made the right decision
  • You never want to look back and wonder if things could have been different.
  • You don’t want to ask yourself, “What if this…and what if that…what if I tried this…what if I did that?”
  • If you have to get a divorce, you need to know that you did everything you could to make it work.
  • If you have to end it, you want to be able to move on with your life and into another relationship with a clear head.
  • You want to come to a place of healthy “completion.” THIS IS CRUCIAL!

To be able to separate and not have to worry as much about the listed reasons it takes at least one year. I agree with you it probably seems like a long time, but it’s an investment in the rest of your life.

I Want A Divorce – How Trying For A Year Is An Excellent Investment Either Way!

Here is how trying for a full year is a good investment for the rest of your life WHETHER OR NOT YOUR MARRIAGE SUCCEEDS. Obviously, if you reconcile your marriage and turn things around it is definitely a good investment it’s a good investment. But also if you still decide I want a divorce, it will not be a wasted year. It will have been the most important thing you could have done with that year because of how your effort will impact the rest of your life and your next relationship down the road.

All too often people get a divorce too soon before reaching completion in their relationship, and as a result they find themselves in pretty much the exact same situation with exact same problems a few years later with their new spouse.

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t go into this year with the intention of  “I want a divorce so I am just going to work on this relationship for the benefit of life after my marriage.” Your intention truly needs to be to reconcile the relationship you are in now. But if you fail, your efforts will not be wasted.

So, here is the bottom line. If you are thinking about divorce give your relationship and honest shot for one year. If after one year you have done and tried everything in your power to reconcile your relationship, then it is time to consider moving on.

Having the thought of I want a divorce doesn’t always mean it’s over! In fact (and here’s real food for thought), often it takes hitting rock bottom in your marriage before your marital situation can get any better.

Hang In There, and Don’t Give Up