Mort Fertel ReviewI want to take this section of my Marriage Fitness Review site and do a little review about Mort Fertel so you have a better understanding of who he is and why he created Marriage Fitness.

Mort Fertel was once on the verge of divorce himself. Mort and his wife went from feeling very connected to each other, you know the feeling of things like, taking for hours on end, giving each other thoughtful gifts and being able to finish each other’s sentences. But something very tragic happened that caused them to start drifting from each other, their relationship turned to screaming matches and silent treatments.

Mort Fertel Review – What Happened That Was So Tragic?

Mort Fertel had something happen that can destroy so many marriages. Him and his wife had a son that that passed away at only 1 week old. And if that wasn’t bad enough they later had twin daughters who passed away as newborns.

Just imagine, losing 3 children, wouldn’t you think that would cause stress on any marriage. Mort explains how instead of talking for hours on end, it was a task to talk for only a few minutes. Instead of using their code words, they used curse words. Their marriage consisted of screaming and silent treatments.

Mort Fertel explains how somewhere deep down inside they knew they didn’t want to let go of each other. So they tried to work things out. They went through many stages of trying. Sometimes he tried, sometimes his wife tried and sometimes they even tried together.

Mort Fertel Review – What Did They Try?

They tried all the different communication techniques taught by most marriage counselors.  Everybody knows the ones, like the “Honey, let me repeat what you said to make sure I understood you correctly.” They tried conflict resolution exercises. Mort Fertel and his wife even tried to wrestle with their problems head on. But guess what. Nothing changed. Nothing worked.

They got all kinds of advice from books, counselors, and marriage retreats that taught them to confront their problems. But that just made matters worse and they found they fought even more.

Mort Fertel Review – Finally They Had A Breakthrough!

Mort Fertel and his wife decided not to wrestle with their problems head on and rather set their problems to the side for the time being. They did not talk about them or even bring them up once. They turned their energy to trying to connect and focus on positive relationship building techniques. These positive relationship building techniques set their marriage on a whole new track. They didn’t just resolve our differences but they fell in love with one another again! And they didn’t do it by facing their problems head on (as serious as they were), but by creating new positive relationship habits that brought positive energy to their marriage.

Mort Fertel Review – Where Did This Journey End Up Taking Him?

Mort Fertel is now known internationally for being a leader in the psychology of relationships and taking failing marriages and turning them around. He not only works with couples but also with people who may have a spouse that doesn’t even want to take the time to save their marriage.

All over the world people seek help from Mort by joining the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp. He is the creator of Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System and Marriage Fitness Home-Flex, the most comprehensive relationship home learning kit in the world. Over 100,000 people a year subscribe to his free newsletter.

ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network all featured Mort Fertel as an expert on their programs. He is also asked to speak on various radio talk shows. Marriage Fitness has also appeared in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Family Circle, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, Parent & Child Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Library Journal, Women’s Health, Denver Post, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and Toronto Sun.

Even marriage counselors, therapists, relationship experts, and mental health professionals endorse Mort’s Marriage Fitness Program

Mort Fertel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and was the CEO of an international non-profit organization. He now resides with his wife and 5 children (including triplets!) in Baltimore, Maryland.

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