Tele Bot Camp Full PackageThis article about Marriage Fitness has been written personally by me, please see my about page to find out more about me. I really hope that this will help you to be able to move one step closer to renewing your marriage. I also encourage you to contact me if you like with any questions you may have.

Nowadays it has almost become the norm to just give up on your marriage and get a divorce as soon as something isn’t quite going as planned. Personally I don’t believe in divorce, you will always have hard times to go through in your marriage. We just need to learn how to work through these hard times. That is exactly why there are programs available to us like Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel as an alternative to “traditional” marriage counseling.

 Marriage Fitness Review – What Does “Traditional Marriage Counseling” Look Like?

I can’t speak for all “traditional marriage counseling”, the following is only my own personal experience. When my wife and I were going through our major problems and looking at the option of divorce we did try a little “traditional marriage counseling”. Actually I was doing the Marriage Fitness Lone Ranger Track at the time and my wife wanted nothing to do with trying it because she could not physically sit and talk with Mort Fertel. So anyways I was willing to try anything so I agreed to give it a try. I remember when we first started our counselor had us doing a few exercises that were fun. In fact at that point I was sitting there thinking this isn’t so bad. We were working on us in a positive way.

Quickly the feel and the atmosphere of the marriage counseling changed. We started getting into why we were there. We were playing the blame game, and pointing fingers at one another. We were basically concentrating on all the negative things that were going on and went on in the past. Let’s just say that at the end of the sessions we were wondering what we were even doing there. Spending our money so we can put everything on the table and hate one another when we were done did not seem to be working for us.

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What Does Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Look Like?

 Marriage Fitness is a marriage counseling alternative that teaches how to neutralize your problems or table them for the time being and use positive relationship building techniques that will shift the momentum of your marriage. Mort Fertel offers a few different programs to try and help people with all marriage problems and budgets. The most popular is the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp which has a 90% success rate. Tele Boot-Camp is a 7 week, closed door, at home, PRIVATE relationship make over program that uses a proven step-by-step relationship changing system to shift the momentum of your marriage and restore intimacy between you.

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What I Liked About The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp!

This might take you back a little, as it did myself, the first thing you learn with Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp is to take all your problems and issues and temporarily put them aside. This will actually help you to be able to start introducing positive relationship habits back into your marriage.

Then once we put those problems aside we had to make the commitment to put love first. Our marriage and love for one another had to come first in our lives, nothing else mattered at the time. Mort Fertel even gives you a variety of exercises to help you to be able to put love first like; date night, touch charges, talk charges and business meetings.

We learned about the importance of moving from Me to We, to move from Independence to Interdependence. And how nowadays everyone focuses on being so independent instead of teaming up with your partner and tackling life together. Just a quick example that I see all the time, man and woman each make their own money and just pitch in on the bills, instead of making money for the household and managing your money together (I have friends who actually borrow money from their spouse).

These are only a few of the big steps that we took going through the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp. But as I said early on in this article you will always have problems to work through in your relationship, you can’t just fix your marriage and think “were in love again so we don’t need to work anymore”. And is where I really like the Tele-Boot Camp over “traditional marriage counseling”. We still have a large disc collection 4 years later that we can still look back on if we have to. Whereas with “traditional marriage counseling” if you want to go over things 4 years later you need to pay for more counseling sessions.

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What I Didn’t Like About The Marriage Fitness Program!

When I first started Marriage Fitness it was just ME “A Lone Ranger” The worst for me doing the Tele-Boot Camp was having the patience going through the whole program. The program outlines a seven week implementation schedule and you do have to go through the process.  There were many times that I just wanted to give up, at times I  didn’t believe that we were moving forward. And it did take me a little more than seven weeks before my wife finally came around and decided to start working on things.

Marriage Fitness Review – Overall Thoughts About Marriage Fitness!

Overall I definitely recommend Marriage Fitness to everyone with problems or even people who want to keep a strong relationship. I even actually recommended it to a good friend about 2 years ago who was going through a divorce and it worked for him. From the outside, looking in, I didn’t think anything would help but he was persistent for me to tell him what we did to save our marriage.

If you’re looking for a $40 e-book, then this is definitely not for you. But if you are looking for a real solution, resources, professional counsel and are prepared to take action, then you want the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp

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