Hey there Chris here again, I’m guessing you came across this article because you are looking for information about the marriage fitness tele boot camp by Mort Fertel. You probably cam across his program and you want to know what’s included in it and more importantly you probably want to know whether or not marriage fitness by Mort Fertel actually works. That is exactly what you can expect to learn on the post.


But before I share that with you I would like to take a minute to tell you a little about myself. I was going through a divorce about 5-6 years ago. After me spending years destroying our marriage, one day my wife looked at me and she told me “I do not love you anymore and I want a divorce”. After that we went on to do a little bit of marriage counseling, that was not working for us.

After a failed attempt at marriage counseling I decided to have a look at a couple different programs online that I found. One of them was called Get Your Ex Back, one of the techniques that he taught was basically to make your spouse jealous, which was suppose to make them want you back. Obviously though, that did not resonate with me.

I wanted to save my marriage, not do more damage to it.

I wanted to save my marriage and keep our family together. Eventually I ended up coming across marriage fitness, and just like yourself I started doing a little research. Back then though there really wasn’t that much information on marriage fitnes, but there were a couple different things I came across that made me decide to jump in.

At the time that I started my wife and I were still living together and then she ended up moving out a little while afterwards. Keep in mind that she was not working on the marriage fitness tele boot camp with me. I was doing it by myself.

There were many times that I was unsure if it was actually working, I questioned if what I was doing and what Mort Fertel was teaching was really working or if I got ripped off.

Then about a month after she moved out I was talking with my kids on the phone and she told them to tell me that they love me. And then she got on the phone afterwards and told me that she loves me. From that day forward we started working on our marriage together and had a baby girl about a year later.

Anyways enough about me…..

Lets Talk About the Marriage Fitness Tele Boot Camp.

Tele Bot Camp Full PackageFirst of all I would like to let you know what is inside of the marriage fitness tele boot camp.

  • First of all, you are going to get 7 tele seminars with Mort.
  • A one on one private phone session with Mort Fertel.
  • You will also get a 15 part audio learning system, personally I found the marriage fitness audio learning system very invaluable because there are disc’s included that contain recordings from previous calls that he has done. Basically they contain a massive collection of people asking different questions that they have related to their marital situations. I found that anything that I was going through at any given point in time I was able to look back at these and find answers to my questions, concerns and struggles.
  • You will also get a work book and a journal that will help guide you and keep you on track through your marriage fitness journey.
  • Mort Fertel also gives you homework assignments to do based on whether you are in the duo track with your spouse or the lone ranger track by yourself, like I was. I found the homework assignments hard at times because my wife was so obstinate but there were assignments I was able to do to work through it though.
  • Next you will have one live Q&A tele seminar where you can ask whatever questions you might have. Also others will be on this seminar and often times the questions that they ask will be able to help you as well.
  • Access to a member only website. This is super handy because if you ever miss any of your tele conferences they are all recoded and stored on the website for you to listen at a later date. Or else you can always go back to the recording whenever you need a refresher.

As I mentioned before you can do the tele-boot camp either on the duo track or the lone track. The lone ranger track does not mean that you will have less of chance at saving your marriage. In fact, 50% of the success stories that come out of marriage fitness were from the lone ranger program, I myself being one of them.

Some of the Topics Covered in the Boot Camp Include:

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  • Changing destructive patterns that may be damaging your marriage. Often times we don’t realize the things that we are doing in our marriage that are in fact very destructive and not doing us any justice.
  • Restoring broken trust in your marriage. This was actually a huge part in renewing my marriage because I did so much to destroy our marriage over the previous years that my wife did not have much trust in me.
  • 7 daily acts to rebuild love in your marriage. So basically he explains how love is an action word and how it is the stuff that you do on a daily basis that help to restore and keep the love in your relationship
  • Weekly habits that will soften marital environments. So basically what happens when you come to this point in your marriage most people try to deal with all of their issues that they have now plus all the new issues as they come up. But the problem is, right now is usually not the right to deal with these issues. So he teaches how to work towards a healthier environment that will make it easier for you to deal with your problems at a later time. My wife and I actually found that many of the “big problems” that we had didn’t seem as big later on when we came back to deal with them
  • How to deal with a marital affair. An affair does not mean that your marriage is over and destroyed forever. There are ways that you can work through affair and actually come out on the other side in a more loving and understanding relationship.
  • What to do if you’re being pushed away. This was another one the major parts of the tele boot camp that I found helpful because my wife really wanted nothing to do with me and was basically pushing me away whenever I tried to implement some of the things I was being taught.
  • How to say I’m sorry. Again this was another thing that really helped me because of my very destructive past and the hurt and pain I had put her through. Mort actually teaches you how to properly apologize so that your spouse really knows in their heart that you are truly sorry.
  • How to restore physical intimacy. So many couples that are falling apart actually have a hard time just being physically intimate with one another. Sometimes even when they really want to be so this can help you to be more physically intimate.
  • Turning divorce into reconciliation. Many people doing the marriage fitness tele boot camp are either already divorced or else their spouse is going through the divorce process as they are doing the program. Mort teaches how divorce doesn’t mean that it is time to throw in the towel, often times it is the start of a new beginning.

If you have been through marriage fitness tele boot camp or had any experience with any of Mort Fertel’s program or books I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. And if you have any questions about marriage fitness please post them below and I will do my best to answer them.

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